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Take Alcohol to Drink on Your Flight | I'm a Travel Ninja

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That's right - stashed in Life Hacks.

TSA regs think that is too much liquid.  Airline regs think that is violating their ToS.  

The blog comments are heated!  

"Hey, flight attendant, is it possible for you to “not notice” a passenger who’s drinking his own supply? Do you absolutely have to be a part of the mindset that contributes to this freedom stifling atmosphere? Totalitarianism can’t happen without enough people who are willing to go out of their way to inform on each other. Yeah, you have a job to do, but why not deal with those who become unruly, no matter the cause, and leave the rest of us alone?"


"Go ahead try and arrest me for drinking something consumable that I purchased myself which you also allowed me to bring into your place of business. I would sue the crap out of you flight attendant, airline, and all and would broadcast it on YouTube world wide. If you allow me on that plane with something safe and consumable, you can not deny me my freedom for it especially if I cause no harm or disturbance to others. You have balls and flight school brainwashing written all over you."

LOL.  You can have my mini when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Three questions:

1. So bottles like this CAN get through TSA? That seems like the most important part of this plan.

2. Once on the other side, you can buy a bottled water and then transfer all these into it and dump the little booze bottles right?

3. Once on the flight, no attendant is going to stop you from drinking from your water bottle, right?

That's how I read it.  Yes, yes, and yes.

Cool. Something fun to try then next time we fly...

I usually bring my own picnic on longer flights and frozen things that were liquid or gel like--they get by TSA, e.g. yogurt, cheeses, goat milk... I mean if you're into that kinda stuff.  If you go through just the metal detectors instead of the xray machine you can also just keep some of those items in your pockets... done that too.

Also, I routinely get around going through their big backscatter xray machines WITHOUT having to opt out--I just tell them I can't raise my arms over my head because of pain and then they just pass me through the roped off old school metal detector passage instead, without a pat down.

If you tell them "I want to opt out", then you have to get taken out of line, have a male or female assist called up and then go through all that pat down crap that adds like 10 minutes.  But it does get you out of being x-rayed.

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