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California Sees Gridlock Ease in Governing -

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But in the past month, California has been the stage for a series of celebrations of unlikely legislative success — a parade of bill signings that offered a contrast between the shutdown in Washington and an acrimony-free California Legislature that enacted laws dealing with subjects including school financing, immigration, gun control and abortion.

The turnaround from just 10 years ago — striking in tone, productivity and, at least on fiscal issues, moderation — is certainly a lesson in the power of one-party rule. Democrats hold an overwhelming majority in the Assembly and Senate and the governor, Jerry Brown, is a Democrat. The Republican Party, which just three years ago held the governor’s seat and a feisty minority in both houses, has diminished to the point of near irrelevance.

Is California the roadmap for the country? Or is California an anomaly?

i believe the argument is history says roadmap

So basically the next redistricting in 2020 really changes everything.

haha...and then there was the article saying violence in America will peak in 2020.

It seems that the article had the original thesis that one party rule is somehow a good thing, but then switches over to the more reasonable position that the jungle primary system tends to sideline radicalism.What is interesting is while that may be true in California, it is definitely not the case in Louisiana (the other jungle primary state) where party machines put resources for their preferred candidate and simultaneously for the least electable candidate of the other party.  The entirety of David Duke's political career is based upon this quirk.... How soon until CA goes the same way?

so both parties are trumping their preferred candidate and helping the other party's worst candidate?

Not parties as much as machines.  The parties themselves aren't as powerful as the machines behind them.  Edwin Edwards, the author of the jungle primary law (and later a convicted felon) was the master of this tactic, keeping himself in power one way or another for decades.

California thrives *in spite of* it's state level government.  


California is the worst but Washington and Nevada are the best? So close...

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