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▶ 10/18/2013 Accident--big rig on 101 NB at Woodside Rd.

Source: YouTube Video

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This accident caused delays until well after 1:30 pm (it occurred at about 10 am).  I was on my way to court and the aftermath almost made me late. It's interesting there is footage because dashcams are not as common in the US. Also, it's creepy how the truck is not that obvious in the clip, then it's everywhere. Finally, is the SUV driver (that veered to the right suddenly) a good driver or a horrible driver? 

I'm trying to discern which automaker's emblem is on the SUV because I think both the driver and the vehicle handled the accident extremely well.  If we're talking about the same SUV.

Which SUV are you talking about?  in the oncoming side of the freeway I see a Honda and a Tesla swerving out of the way of the truck, the on the other side far right I see a Cherokee and what is I think a Toyota fullsize truck swerve right, with a white Honda Cube directly behind the action.

Wait, what?  If you're asking me, it's the last SUV to emerge on the oncoming side.

(Context: The truck is traveling on NB101).

The SUV I mentioned is on the NB side, right behind the truck. It swerves to the right dramatically -- but after -- the big rig swerved left and is headed over the center divide. In contrast, all of the other drivers slowed down. 

On the one hand, it might be the vehicle closest to the big rig so the driver might have cleverly reacted quickly in the direction away from danger. On the other hand, it didn't need to since the big rig was moving away from it (ahead and left.) It just seems extremely fortunate that no one was driving in the exit lane.

As for the poor vehicles heading south and seeing a giant truck on a crash course, they all deserve a medal!

That's a pickup truck.. with some sort of rack.. I initially thought it looked Toyota, but not sure now.

Hm. I think I need to buy a monitor. I was (and am) impressed by everyone's ability to identify these cars but also realize that I can't see anything!

In my case it's not the monitor!  Jason's right - it's a pickup truck. 

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