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Free Market Moralists: NYT

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Four strawmen and an empty chair debate... I love how far the NYT has fallen in it's level of discourse.

Still, this is a good line:

Van Gogh, Schubert, William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Vermeer, Melville and Schubert all died broke. If you’re a good Nozickian, you think that’s what they deserved.

I have to admit I only shared this article so that Jason would comment.  Yay Jason!


If I had time, i'd address the "arguments" more directly

one outright falsehood tho:  I looked up and read that speech by Jeff Sessions (side note: the one time I met him, I had to resist the urge to pat him on the head, like a cute little puppy pocket senator.. lol)... He was specifically referring to the morality of temporary assistance versus permanent support.  Nice little smear job she did.

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