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Brandon Weeden the Flipper flipping flips gif

Brandon Weeden the Flipper interception gif flipping flips Ginger Cringer Browns Lions 10-13-2013 Imgur

This is why they call Brandon Weeden "The Flipper".

It's as if Weeden is TRYING to throw to the Lions defender.

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Weeden tries to make it two weeks in a row:

Weeden the Flipper interception gif flipping flips Browns Packers 10-20-2013 Imgur

Lucky he doesn't have this O-line:

O line stands still gif Imgur

We knew you were in trouble when ran a poll wondering "Which former Cleveland Browns quarterback since 1999 would you take over Brandon Weeden?" One of the choices was "I'd stick with Brandon Weeden," which was probably a better option than "I am going to keep wrapping Saran Wrap around my face until I stop breathing." Here's how the vote broke down:

Tim Couch: 22.8 percent
Colt McCoy: 17.1 percent
Kelly Holcomb: 16.1 percent
Thaddeus Lewis: 12.1 percent
Jeff Garcia: 9.27 percent
Derek Anderson: 8.11 percent
I'll Stick With Brandon Weeden: 5.77 percent
Trent Dilfer: 2.8 percent
Brady Quinn: 2.68 percent
Seneca Wallace: 1.98 percent
Charlie Frye: 1.0 percent


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