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World Series Interest Declines, But Baseball Is Healthy - Forbes

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"While NFL fans have regional team interests, they also watch games involving other teams. Consumers care about the NFL’s product at both a team-specific and league-wide level. In contrast, baseball consumers exhibit much more limited league-wide interest than NFL consumers and much less than MLB consumers of 60 years ago. The bulk of baseball consumer interests center on a specific team. It took baseball quite a while to fully grasp that evolution, so even though the World Series may not be what it once was to sports consumers, it really isn’t an accurate indicator of baseball’s health anymore."

Intellesting.  Explains tremendous global interest in soccer as well:  not team specific, not even nation-specific.

I'm one of those bad baseball fans who does not watch the world series if I don't care for the teams involved.

You know who loses when the Cardinals play the Red Sox in the world series? People who enjoy watching exciting baseball. These are two of the more boring teams in the league.

There's no Cinderella story because the Red Sox won in 2004 so they're not playing for the first win in a long time like the Indians, Pirates, and even A's were.

There's no big market team to root for or against -- the Dodgers were that.

There's no "lost last year so this year is their moment" -- the Tigers were that.

Cardinals and Red Sox? It's hard for anyone who's not a Cardinal or Red Sox fan to care.

Sorry - who's NOT a Cardinal or Red Sox fan?  :-)

Anyone in New York, California, Michigan, or Texas.

Exciting Game 1.  Exciting = cringeworthy Cardinal errors.

Heh. Please let them make more so we can end this in 3 more games.

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