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America's Most Violent Tornadoes Since 1950, Seen on One Blustery Map - John Metcalfe - The Atlantic Cities

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There's a slight chance November could ratchet up the tornado activity, as meteorologist Greg Forbes explained a while ago on the Weather Channel. "November is thought to be second season," he said. "Not so much in that it has a huge jump in the number of tornadoes, but the few days they do occur there can be tornado outbreaks with a large number of tornadoes and some strong tornadoes." If that does occur, you can expect to see a slight bit more angry red scribbling on the above map, which shows every recorded tornado to maraud across the states from 1950 to 2012.

I'm so glad I live west of the rockies.  Though this map isn't accurate as we've had a few tornadoes in California, but I don't think they are recorded as they only happen years and years apart.  We also get huge water spouts every 5 or 10 years.   I'm amazed all the tornadoes in Colorado aren't being included.  Where did they get their data? 

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