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RebelMouse is Aggregation-as-Curation.

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Alyson Shontell explains why RebelMouse is interesting:

When you log into RebelMouse with Facebook or Twitter, you're shown a page that looks like Pinterest with your latest tweets and status updates in the form of big headlines and pictures.

I wasn't initially impressed by my RebelMouse page because I already know what I've shared via social media. I don't need to rehash every tweet. But then I realized my RebelMouse page isn't for me, like Pinterest is for hosting your collections. Instead, RebelMouse is like a Facebook profile page; it's meant to help other people learn your interests.

When you scan other people's Rebel Mouse pages, you learn a lot about them, even if you already follow them on Twitter. It resurfaces things you may have missed in social media streams in a visually compelling way. From my page, it's instantly apparent that I care about startups, college sports, and cute animals. I care about a lot of other things too, but those are the topics I share most...

I think she's right. There's something interesting about seeing this alternative view.

It's the same kind of interesting that make Flipboard and Pulse compelling.

Unfortunately, Twitter may be cracking down on such things.

Which is too bad for The Web.

Still, I believe there's opportunity there.

Fred Wilson does a better job than I could at explaining the value of RebelMouse:

We've talked quite a bit about the fragmentation of social media. Tweeting at Twitter, Checking in on Foursquare, Pinning on Pinterest, Tumbling on Tumblr...

There are many reasons for this fragmentation and we've discussed them. I think the big reasons are the move to mobile where features are delivered via an app on your home screen rather than inside some monolithic web app and the desire to curate application specific social graphs instead of one graph to rule them all.

There is an opportunity to aggregate all of this activity on a single URL where followers can see the totality of a person's social activity. Enter RebelMouse.

So... RebelMouse is like the FriendFeed of 2012?

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