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iOnApple: Rumors of a 7.85-inch iPad Mini ramp up; Mass production reportedly slated for September

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Ummm... for a long time, I referred to my iPhone as my 'iPad mini', perhaps it's time to re-define that term.

"For months now, rumors of an iPad with a 7.85-inch screen have been circulating through the blogosphere. And though Steve Jobs once said that 7-inch tablets are "dead on arrival," the relative success of the Amazon Kindle Fire and other smaller tablets suggests that consumers are more than willing to accept a smaller screen size in exchange for a cheaper buy-in point."

Kindle Fire is an awful device. I cannot use it for more than 5 minutes before my head hurts.

But the form factor is great. I can carry it in my pocket, which I cannot do with an iPad.

Would I buy one for $299? Probably, but keep in mind I'm a person who bought an iPod Touch even though I have a Nano, an iPhone, and an iPad.

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