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Could Xbox One and PlayStation 4 actually fail?

Could Xbox One and PlayStation 4 actually fail Polygon


The next generation of consoles faces the difficult task of reaching or even besting the current generation's achievements. By the time we call a wrap on the mid-00s consoles of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, the three of them will have sold in excess of 300 million machines during their ten-year life. Is it conceivable that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U will tally that amount over the next ten years?

Even individually, it looks a tall order for any of these machines to match the sales of their predecessors. In simple terms, the world is a lot harder for a new games console now, than it was when the current generation arrived around 2006.

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It's possible that PS/4, XBOX/1, and Wii/U will sell 300 million units in the next decade.

Possible, but not likely.

It will be interesting to see what siphoning happens as a result of competition from Valve's Steam.

And tablets and smartphones.

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