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A mysterious lobbyist known as “Mother Princess” is the Keyser Söze of Indonesian politics - Quartz

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"Who is Bunda Putri?

The lobbyist with the pseudonym that means “Mother Princess” has taken center stage in an Indonesian corruption scandal involving sex, bribes, and beef import quotas. Some politicians admit that they know her, but won’t reveal her true identity. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s staff knows who she is, but insists they’ve never met. And just like Keyser Söze, the legendary crime boss of “The Usual Suspects,” her nebulous identity is fueling rumors about her role in the underbelly of Indonesian politics."

Beef import quotas?  

Particularly salacious when combined with sex and bribes.

It's a thing!

Industry players said that endemic graft worsened after the government slashed import quotas in 2011 from 100,000 tones a year in 2011 to 40,000 tones last year and 32,000 tones this year. Some beef importers began bribing officials to get a share of the pie, and smuggled beef into the country.

(A meat pie!)

Indonesian Meat Importers Association executive director Thomas Sembiring told The Straits Times that so long as meat import quotas are imposed and enforcement is "not transparent", graft will remain a problem. "Bribery, corruption — it's already in their bone marrow. You have to cut down maybe two generations to get rid [of it]."

I suppose we should be thankful to have no beef import quotas in America.

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