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Yungdrung Dalai lama

So as it turns out His Holiness the 6th Dalai Lama knew what he was talking about.  The teachings on those walls will get you where you want to go?

Here is the irony. 

You won't do it. 

Not because you can't or don't want to. You can and want to. The problem is you follow people that are lost. 

You can meditate or do whatever and follow whoever, but until you are with a person that had done it, it is all a conceptual fantasy. 

You can study the maps on google on how to climb Mt. Everest but good luck on your own.  You need a Sherpa that lives the mountain. 

I accomplished everything I set out to do. With that I check out of the social web. 

We are here, the Sherpas, to take you to finding your mind. 

Look for those that live, not those that write books and teach cool workshops. 

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Most people are lost. It's hard to find someone who isn't lost.

You only need one.  

But you have to be able to sit with them, to be with them. 

Can you be with the Pope, or Dalai Lama, or Oprah or Dr Oz, or Ekhart Tolle (no implied equivalence) or anyone who's quotes are all over twitter or Facebook?

Why do we follow who we follow? Did people ask that question?

What proof do we need?

I figure that we follow from intuition, not from scientific proof. No?

At a minimum, we need the ability to observe. 

If you are coming to me for guidance you have to observe how I live. It is not enough to know my office or degrees.  I can fake anything for an hour. 

If you want me to teach you how to meditate you have to observe me meditating. Praying praying; you have to feel it and see proof. 

You have to be able to challenge me to debate to argue. 

For some reason when it comes to spirituality, we do not do that. 

So to be clear, I have nothing to say about the state of mind of The Pope, HHDL, Oprah or Tolle. I don't know them. 

However, Tolle was deemed the most influential spiritual leader in the world in 2011.  I personally have zero interest at this point in reading his books.  If I was to meet him and spend a weekend talking I would read them before hand. 

We have but one life to climb the mountain, yes we get more but each one we start at sea level and human life is never a certainty. 

You are not going anywhere if sitting around and reading books by people you will never meet, any more than you will throw a 95mph fastball by watching the World Series. 

I feel that people have turned spirituality (or non-spiritual if there is a distinction) and meditation into a spectator sport. I call it the pro Buddha circuit.  Tickets are not cheap and only the select few get back stage and the richest get to have a drink. 

The 6th Dalai Lama before he was assassinated argued this in his time. He wrote the instructions on the walls. People need someone to translate into experience.  

He taught in the bars and brothels and refused to be in the Palace built by the 5th. The same arguments continue. 

Yesterday I was walking my dog.  A homeless man that lives in my neighborhood who appears very ill walked by. Someone left a bag of 3 apples on a porch of an uninhibited house. I saw him pick up the bag. 

He took one apple out and put the other two back. 

He taught me more than Tolle ever could and yet he will never have a follower, maybe he has one. 

I now watch him every time.  

The best way to learn is to do?

And the best way to do is to witness someone else doing?

Yes, watch and learn and experience. 

Almost every person that wants to learn a skill that takes body and mind(instruments or athletics) gets private coaching. Every child gets endless hours of direct instruction.  

For some reason,  in the spiritual this does not happen.  People go to church or read the texts, but ask them to describe how they pray. They cannot describe it because no one taught them.  It is not just saying words. They generally are taught "what to do and think" not "why and how."

For some reason, people think they are meditating but they are like a kindergartner doing calculus.   

People chant sounds and mantras but have no idea what they mean. 

My feeling is there a huge need for spiritual education. Not a specific religion, come with what you have. If you want to pray to Buddha or Jesus or a tree or the cosmos, it makes no difference to me. I just want you to do it as deeply as possible. 

If you want to meditate, there are so many methods. I want you to find the best for you and ways to help and develop during the highs and lows. 

We do not have the structures and systems in place to fulfill this most important need.  We have to start to develop them before it is too late. 

The systems of the last 1000 years failed us.  We failed us.

Right now, in India there are legal battles about teaching yoga in schools.  They are fighting over the secular or religious distintiction.  

There is a world wide trend to the extremes of activist eternalism and disinterested nihilism. It is shaping the world at every level. I don't think those people can be reached at this time, but the massive middle population needs support so they can calmly and thoughtfully address what we are doing to ourselves and future. 

I used the picture of the double Yung Drung because it is one of if not the oldest sacred symbol and yet when most see it they will think of one of the worst human tragedies. 

If you see a Nazi symbol you don't see what I see. 

If your mind is inverted the sacred becomes the profane. If your mind is clouded by the profane, there is no way you will survive the climb to the peak. 

If I walk down the street with that symbol on my heart (I don't) people would not see it as a statement of my unending faith. They would get a bit freaked out. 

This is a very important point.  

We are lost, our minds were inverted. 

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