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Digital camouflage problems in the Army

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Those awful pixelated camo fatigues are being replaced, but why were they adopted in the first place?

it was designed for urban environments more like Iraq not so much Afghanistan. They wanted to use one uniform, i assume for cost. its pretty hard to make one camo pattern for every situation. all branches use a form of digital camo nowadays, marines use two(desert and woodland).

 Well, for automated detection cameras, it might work pretty well. 

'What is that?  A soldier hiding behind a tree with a gun?"

"Nah, that's pixelation, let me turn up the anti-aliasing software to drown it out."


At least you can hide like a boss on grandmas couch. 

If thermal sights get small and cheap enough, visual camouflage could just be useless.

God tier camo.


 It's like Gloria on the couch in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

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