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Global Ghosts: 7 Tales of Specters From Around the World - Emily Matchar - The Atlantic

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Strigoi: Romania

"In the same supernatural genus as the vampire, strigoi are the ghosts of people who lived or died under unhappy circumstances: suicides, the illegitimate, the unbaptized and—sorry “contentedly single” people—the unmarried. With red hair and bluish-purple eyes, strigoi live on human blood. Burying a body with a bottle of whiskey is said to prevent a loved one from returning as a strigoi."

Stop picking on the gingers!

"Likely origin: Vampire-like creatures have featured in folklore dating as far back as Mesopotamian civilizations. But modern vampire myths are likely a mishmash of Christian symbolism (holy wood, a dead man rising from the grave, etc.) and pre-science efforts to understand medical phenomena."

Spooky fate for the forever alones! I wonder what makes their hair red?

The colouring is caused by high levels of the pigment pheomelanin and relatively low ones of the darker eumelanin.  Explanation at the link within the stash:

That's for humans. Is it the same way for vampire-like creatures?


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