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Google's Mystery Barges Are Probably For Huge Booze Cruises

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Probably not?Actually, it seems likely that Google built its own makeshift showroom out of modded shipping containers (given the recent examples at America's Cup, and continued contemporary re-appropriations of the same), a structure that can therefore be shipped and docked around the world without the said property costs of a brick and mortar.

Like any showroom/interior design, it should be kept under wraps until the true unveiling.  That being said, the official US Gov silence is a flag, implying something else at play (unless by officials, they just mean US Dept of Trade port staff).  With the obvious and newly outed collaborations of Google and NSA (heh), this becomes more of a reality.

I guess it's curious... we really don't need to worry about it beyond the implications of the relationship between USGov and Google (but that's nothing new anyway).  

I for one would sign up for a Google Booze Cruise.

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