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I made a Groupon for 11/11/11 #nerdnewyear, and learned some lessons.

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Here is the Groupon I'm running -- it is split between two cities:

Lessons learned so far:

1. You don't know what running a Groupon is like until you're actually running it.

2. Just because your Groupon's proceeds go to charity does not mean it will sell out quickly.

3. Just because your Groupon is about reasonably priced beer and an awesome festival, does not mean it will sell out quickly.

4. So far it's unclear at what rate 1.2 million Groupon members in San Francisco and San Jose will be told about this deal.

Any questions for me?

How are sales so far?

Much slower than Groupon led us to believe.

We had capacity for 2500 sales but so far we've sold 108.

Do you know how many people received the Groupon? Was it the entire mailing list?

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