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This Is Mars: Mesmerizing Ultra-High-Resolution NASA Photos at the Intersection of Art and Science

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It looks like Ansel Adams was here.

It does!

These images are all great -- except that last one, which looks like a hairy mess.

That's the "Chest of Mars".

The chest of Mars would be more attractive if it were less... Furry.

weird how it looks like capillaries around the heart...

Form follows function, which is why certain archetypes re-appear in many places in the universe.

Didn't we find water on Mars and some subterranean life, or am I reading too much Bradbury...

Mars Rover digs up water-rich soil:

Life on Mars? Well, maybe not:


Scientists have long thought that Mars, warm and wet in its early years, could have been hospitable for life, and the new findings do not mean that it was not. But that was about three and a half billion years ago. Methane molecules break apart over a few centuries — victims of the Sun’s ultraviolet light and of chemical reactions in the atmosphere — so any methane in the air from primordial times would have disappeared long ago.


“If it had found methane, that would have been killer,” Dr. Zubrin said, referring to Curiosity. “Yes, it’s disappointing in that we didn’t get a pony for Christmas. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t ponies out there.”

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