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OWL transformer

Source: YouTube Video

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Learning new things about familiar animals reminds me why I have to live forever.

Doesn't living forever sound exhausting though?

I love this owl, Soyeun. More owls, please!

Apparently the owl is trying to confuse bigger owls by receding into the background but it just comes off as skeptical to me. Like a movie critic, it puffs up near minor actors but gets all technical and picky around big names. As for living forever, I'd say I'd get a lot done but I'd probably procrastinate too. Do you think after a time I'd stop saying, "I shouldn't have eaten all that ice cream!"? I mean, even in eternity?

Eventually you'd stop saying you shouldn't have eaten the ice cream. 

Because life would be long enough for you to have as much time as you need to recover.

I think the owl does a good job with confusing bigger owls.

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