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Indie Fund | Kellee Santiago

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Here’s a quick summary of how our funding works:

Flexible budget, no milestones – Upon signing the funding agreement we start delivering monthly payments to cover your ongoing costs.  You give us monthly builds so that we can see how the game is progressing, but there are no pre-set milestones to meet.  You are free to experiment and evolve your design as you go, so long as you don’t run too far over budget. Our pockets aren’t infinitely deep, unfortunately.

Proportional repayment – Once the game is released, you first pay back the investment and then share a small percentage of the revenue.  The exact percentage is proportional to the amount of funding you needed to complete your game.  If you needed 20% less funding than you originally thought, you’d end up paying 20% less revenue share to Indie Fund.

No long term obligations – If the game did not generate enough revenue to repay the investment within 3 years of release, the agreement expires and you no longer owe Indie Fund anything. Whatever revenue your game generates from that point on is yours to keep. If the game does generate enough revenue to repay the investment the agreement could expire even sooner leaving 100% of the revenue to you.


Totally indie

I'm genuinely curious to know if they'll make money with this model.

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