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Who Has 1 Billion Users And Is About To Overtake Facebook? | LinkedIn

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And Tencent’s reach – unlike local Twitter-equivalent Sina Weibo and Facebook-equivalent RenRen – is not just restricted to China. WeChat was rebranded from the more Chinese-sounding Weixin to appeal to an international audience, and it’s now virally coming across here. In just four months between May and September 2013, its overseas users have doubled from 50m to 100m.

So, in an increasingly crowded mobile messaging, what is Tencent and WeChat doing right?

First, it has managed to differentiate its product with some killer features that keep users coming back for more. On the messaging side, users can “hold-to-talk” and send free walkie-talkie style messages that bypass the need for voicemail. Yet what keeps its network growing are fun discovery features that can connect users locally and across continents.

WeChat has neatly fused together the open approach of social networks such as Twitter, where anyone can follow anybody, and more closed networks such as Facebook, which rely on mutual friend connections. It’s growing virally through social connection and not just social media.

Do you know any Americans that use it?

I was thinking WhatsApp and/or Snapchat has a better chance in the USA. 

Just some folks in the Bay Area.  I can see WeChat becoming a thing, if not a dominant thing.

Really? More so than the dozen other messaging apps we're already using?

How many messaging apps does one person need?

None of them work with each other.

No, not really.  I've had a day to ponder.

It just seems like a big mess.

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