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Facebook blocking Pinterest Pins or Pinterest blocking Facebook images?

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Something changed. Last week you used to be able to "view image" in Firefox, chrome, and IE and use that jpg URL from facebook to pin it on Pinterest. Now it universally fails with the message, no image found or site includes known spam. Is it Facebook being walled or Pinterest being over-reaching in their spam elimination? Either way, it's annoying as now I have to save the image locally and upload it--so I only do things I really, really, really want to share.

My understanding is that both companies want this, and that's why the Pinterest bookmarklet hasn't allowed this in quite some time.

If you use the PandaWhale browser extension you can save any Facebook image to PandaWhale.

Then use the PandaWhale Pinterest button to pin it to the board you want it to go to.

I've done this many times over the last few months. Works great.

ahh good fix Adam.. :)

Well, trying to login to Pinterest using my Facebook credentials gives a 502 error right now.....

502 would suggest scaling issues, no?

Yes, but just thought the timing was funny.

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