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Switzerland Wants to Offer the World a Spy-Proof Cloud

Switzerland Wants to Offer the World a Spy Proof Cloud Motherboard


Swisscom has offered secure cloud services for three years, mostly to Swiss banks. It's now considering marketing its "Swissness," as the telecom's website calls it, to foreign companies, too. “We guarantee data protection and legal security in compliance with Swiss law," the website states. "Access to personal and business-critical data is protected at all times, even from abroad.”

The Swiss Cloud is just the latest sign of the potential balkanization of the internet in the wake of a string of leaks revealing the extent of US spying. German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom is pushing to keep all internet traffic local to Germany; Brazil is working to build a closed-loop internet that’s outside of America’s reach; and a group of concerned nations are urging the UN to take on a greater role in controlling the web.

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