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6 Drivers of Change. 10 Non-negotiable Job Skills. What jobs? To be determined...

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It's an interesting list of skills because I'm not sure which ones have their place on a resume.

And I'm not sure which jobs those skills are useful for...

But the infographic is definitely thought provoking.

I know isn't it? The researchers also have no sense of what the jobs. Skills are projected based on the drivers of change.

I am exploring an adaptive training model based on a few of the drivers of change seeking to partner youth with elders so these skills could be practiced and developed.  Fast Company referenced the report in an article called "The Four Year Career".   provoking thoughts indeed...

What's that famous line from Real Genius?  The World needs ditch-diggers too. Or is that Caddyshack??


the world needs ditch diggers too

the world needs ditch diggers too

the world needs ditch diggers too

I need to look for that article, "The Four Year Career"...

This article was actually the sister article to the 4 year career. Good stuff too. 

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