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G.O.P. Weighs Limiting Clout of Right Wing -

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Republican leaders in Montana, struggling with how to manage their state’s far-right elements, have put an initiative on the ballot that would replace their current primary process with a system that would allow only the top two candidates to move on to the general election, regardless of party.

Last year Republicans narrowly lost a hard-fought Senate race after a former Republican local committeeman ran on the Libertarian ticket and, many believe, drew votes away from the G.O.P., tipping the race to Senator Jon Tester, a Democrat.

The goal, Republicans said, is the same as in Utah and Virginia. Art Wittich, the majority leader in the State Senate, said that if approved the measure would stop fringe candidates.

“You will get, I think, the most serious and widely embraced philosophy that advances,” he said.

The rest of the article aside, my mind boggles at the idea that anything other than the Montana GOP's fantastical incompetence and complete arrogance lost that race.  When you fanatically expend virtually all of your energy preventing people from participating in the party apparati, they're not going to turn out to vote for you.

What makes me the most annoyed is that I keep being surprised at the perpetuity of peoples' cognitive dissonance when they prefer to distribute blame over solving the problem.

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