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Technology tracks soccer balls passing the goal-line

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Two new pieces of technology have been approved by FIFA to measure if the whole of the ball crosses the whole of the goal-line in soccer.

The Hawk-Eye system owned by Sony triangulates the ball's positions with cameras. It tracks if the ball's pixels cross the boundary, accurate to within 3.6mm.

The GoalRef system adds probes to the inside of the ball, allowing sensors in the goal post to track when the ball breaks its field.

I thought FIFA had always resisted such technological advancements on the grounds that they are unfair to poor countries...

FIFA official goal-line technology must:

  • Only determine whether a goal has been scored or not.
  • Be proven accurate in that determination.
  • Indication of goal or no goal must be immediate and automatically confirmed within one second.
  • Indication of a goal scored must be communicated only to the match officials via a special watch with vibration and visual signal.

Match officials must check the gear prior to each match.

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