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Zynga’s darkest moments

Zynga s darkest moments Jeremy Wilson The Kernel


Thankfully, Zynga’s tumultuous decline from tech titan to laughing stock is occurring in full view of the braying public. We like to think of them as the Rob Ford of the start-up world.

Let’s look back at their darkest moments.

In Mark's own words:

“So I funded [Zynga] myself but I did every horrible thing in the book to, just to get revenues right away. I mean we gave our users poker chips if they downloaded this Zwinky toolbar which was like, I don’t know, I downloaded it once and couldn’t get rid of it. *laughs* We did anything possible just to just get revenues so that we could grow and be a real business.

“In a nutshell, the offers that monetize the best are the ones that scam/trick users. Sure we had Netflix ads show up, and clearly those do convert to some degree, but I’m pretty sure most of the money ended up getting our users hooked into auto-recurring SMS subscriptions for horoscopes and stuff.”Picture-1

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Zynga was never a tech titan.

It was always a laughing stock.

They never had a plan.

The only reason they still exist is because they raised so much money. 

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