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The 'hard right' versus the 'easy wrong'

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Interesting that this is at a Navy Commencement address.  My Grandfather always said this and he was a West Point graduate.

“Another essential quality of leadership is integrity. Without this, real leadership is not possible. 

We read of too many successful and intelligent people in and out of government who succumb to the easy wrong rather than the hard right – whether from inattention or a sense of entitlement, the notion that rules are not for them. But for a real leader, personal virtues – self-reliance, self control, honor, truthfulness, morality – are absolute. These are the building blocks of character, of integrity – and only on that foundation can real leadership be built."

I wonder if he had anyone specifically who he was targeting as having made easy wrong choices?

Looking at our military today, it is easy to see that there have been quite a few "easier wrongs" taking place.  Both personally and professionally.