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Rap Genius Incites Unsolicited Startup Beef Over Sexiest Tech Bros

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why is just the W pixeled out, and why is it biting TechCrunch logo?

Not sure, but thanks for reminding us why the RapGenius founders are the biggest tools:

There are certain risks any reporter exposes herself to by agreeing to interview the cofounders of Rap Genius. Once you've crossed the wobbly line of crushed up Vyvanse into their Williamsburg offices, there's no going back. There they are on your gChat, up in your Snapchat, sending invitations to events that possibly only occur in the trippy Playa of their minds.

Logorrheic late night emails appear out of the blue, offering up some—any!—bizarre reason to cover their exploits, please please please post about our feud with x, y, or z. At some point in the hallowed halls of Yale or Y Combinator, the future millionaires must have overheard the cliche about there being no such thing as bad press and took it as gospel.

Even after the brain surgery that was supposed to cure him of this bad habit, for example, cofounder Mahbod Moghadam emailed me and Melissa Stanger, Business Insider's associate editor of lists & rankings — a woman I've never met—last night to try to goad us into covering some kind of lame, possibly imaginary sporting challenge between Rap Genius cofounder Ilan Zechory and Zach Sims, the cofounder and CEO of Codecademy — all over their "Sexiest Start-up Man" ranking on some website no one has ever heard of.

He blamed his idiocracy on a brain tumor?! That is not funny.

idiosyncracy.but she didn't have to give him that press, that's her ability to check him as a reporter.. but i guess she had to.

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