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An Approximate Solution for TL;DR [~50 Year Old Text Summarization Hack Presented as a ~1.7MB Animated GIF] | Mining the Social Web

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Experimental idea: a screencast for a text summarization algorithm compressed down to the bare minimum as an animated GIF. In other words: a summary of a summarization algorithm. I realize that a short video is probably a better form factor, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage of the "meta-coolness" of doing it as an ultra-tight animated GIF.

That's awesome. How big is the GIF?

By the way, you can click through to the page where a higher resolution of the same animated GIF is available. The preview version is less than 400KB while the full resolution version is ~1.7MB. The direct link for the higher resolution version is below image-52838e77bd90b-QdKu.gif

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I'm sitting here asking myself if this useful, and I'll admit that I still don't know...but it just seems so cool!

very cool.  I need to think some more on the application. 

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