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Anatomy of Seed: An inside look into a $1M seed round

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It's important to note that Brendan Baker made these slides in April 2011.

Back then, the funding environment for seed-stage startups was much easier than it is today.

We currently live in one of the harshest funding environments ever for seed-stage startups.

The reasons are that (1) there are so many startups, and (2) the angels of 2011 have either retired or moved into venture capital, and the new generation of angel investors are far more risk-averse.

With the new crowdfunding rules, you can run afoul very easily by posting somewhere that you are raising money--which is considered advertising or solicitation of funds.  It's not the responsibility of the company to verify accreditation of investors too.  Violating those rules, you could possibly have all your investors lose all your money, your startup disbanded, and banned from being an officer in a company for up to 5 years.  It's getting far more complex to start a company nowadays, not just from a funding standpoint--which I agree has been extremely difficult the past 5 years and even more so this year.

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