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Your Zodiac Sign, Your Health - Atlantic Mobile

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These days, astrology has lost some of its luster, and is generally assumed to be bunk by the scientific community. Their argument: while its lush symbolism and universal symmetry were somewhat effective explanatory models back when we were in the dark, we now can see 13.2 billion light years into space and take picture of things half the width of a hydrogen atom, and it no longer seems particularly wise to choose when to operate based on where Jupiter sits in the sky.

But there’s something to astrology that rationalists have to contend with: The season of your birth, it turns out, appears to have a strong influence on your future. Depending on whether you were born in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you could have a higher or lower risk for: schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, Type 1 diabetes, bipolar disorder, and allergies, among others. The season of your birth also seems to affect how long you live.  

On their own, these individual studies could be the result of abnormal grouping, just random, scattered, clusters. But accumulated, a pattern emerges, begging the question: Is there any science behind the dusty old pickup line “what’s your sign?”