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Are you too old for the Olympics? Age ranges of U.S. Olympic athletes

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In the past three Summer Olympics, 64 of the U.S. team’s 1,707 athletes have been age 40 and older — and they won 23 medals. As we watch 16-year olds compete in the gymnastics events, even the 20-somethings among us look back regretfully and wonder if our glory days have passed. Here, we take a look at which sports skew young and which allow for more longevity.

I found myself wondering which sports had Olympians over 40.

The answer: Shooting, Sailing, Archery, Table Tennis, and Equestrian.

Someday, competitive drinking will join them. I want a 24-second shot clock!

Speaking of which, there's also teenagers on the Olympic shooting team. What a range!

Ha - nothing that involves ANY amount of running.

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