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Pay It Forward: Give And Ye Shall Receive | LinkedIn

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More five-minute favor examples from a well-known entrepreneur. One unique one is...

6. The answer to the unasked question.

Some people are hesitant. Some are insecure. Some are shy. Whatever the reason, some people will ask a different question than the one they really want answered.

For example, when someone asks me what I think about venture capitalists -- often what they really want to know is whether their idea is likely to get funded -- and how to go about navigating that process.

Behind many questions is the unasked question. Pay attention. Answer the question that is asked, but think about the question left unsaid, and answer that question, too. Why? That’s the answer the person asking the question doesn’t just want. That’s the answer he or she needs.

Great one. That is the essence of listening. Not just to what's said, but also to what's unsaid.

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