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July 2012: Why Google Glass is the next frontier for developers

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One of the first things people do when they get a new smartphone is download apps, and I suspect it will be the same with Glass. Who wouldn't want to install Instagram on Glass or try out a new augmented reality app for identifying great restaurants? New breeds of businesses can be built on top of Glass that simply aren't possible on iPhones or Nexuses. Glass also runs on Android, so the app store is already built in.

I am really excited for this...

Arthur, will the retail price really be $1500?

That seems exorbitant and is likely to make me want to wait a few years.

It seems to be advertised as the "introductory developer price".

I don't think that price point will be right for critical market adoption, which would cause developers to shy away from investing time/money in the platform. Google has yet to prove their supply chain and manufacturing can drive down the price point. A supply/demand dilemma perhaps. Although the iPhone originally retailed much higher as well... Maybe we'd be more likely to see this be a hit if it was in the sub-1000 range. I would consider $899 a costly, but fair price.


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