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6 Secrets to Better Networking at Conferences | LinkedIn

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How to make the most of conferences and events from a networking perspective. 

Of Dave's tips, #5 is the one that resonated most with me.

5) Ask meaningful questions of the people you meet.

Everyone else is asking, "Where are you from?" and "Where do you work?" and other small talk at conferences. Larry Benet taught me to ask better questions, such as "What are you most passionate about?" and "What charity do you care most about?" and "Who at this conference would you most like to be connected with?" That way, you get people talking about something they really care about, and you can form a more meaningful relationship faster. Of course, the most important question you can ask of someone is, "How can I help you?" When you ask these questions, listen well, and be genuinely interested. This willmake a difference for you.

Orange shoes aside, I thought it was pretty useful

...until everyone starts wearing orange shoes.

Spend less time on gimmicks and more time on meaningful questions.

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