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Science Of Karma: 3 Steps To Making It Work For You

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And who embodies this more than Adam Rifkin?

I do believe that people who surround you dramatically affect your behavior without you even realizing it.

Or, to put it another way, I believe we become like the people we spend time with:

My dad used to say that we should avoid people who are unlucky, unethical, and/or unhappy.

Because he believed those qualities were contagious.

Looks like Bakadesuyo agrees: Moods can be like infections.

I do find this fascinating:

Via Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives:

Experiments have demonstrated that people can “catch” emotional states they observe in others over time frames ranging from seconds to weeks. When college freshmen are randomly assigned to live with mildly depressed roommates, they become increasingly depressed over a three-month period.

Happy friends make you 15% more likely to be happy.

Even if a friend of a friend of a friend becomes happier, that means a 6% chance you will become happier.

Via Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives:

Mathematical analyses of the network suggest that a person is about 15 percent more likely to be happy if a directly connected person (at one degree of separation) is happy. And the spread of happiness doesn’t stop there. The happiness effect for people at two degrees of separation (the friend of a friend) is 10 percent, and for people at three degrees of separation (the friend of a friend of a friend), it is about 6 percent. 

Neat trick but 6% may not seem like a big deal to you.

Guess what? You’re wrong.

Would $10,000 dollars make you happier? I’ll assume you’re nodding. Research shows 10K only provides a 2% increased chance of happiness.

So the happiness of people you have never met — and may never meet — is three times as powerful.

A happy friend increases the likelihood of you being happy by 9%. An unhappy friend means a 7% decrease.

You don’t need a degree in accounting to figure out what that means: overall, more friends = more happiness.

Spending time making friends has a higher happiness ROI than time spent making money.

Read more:

The 3 Things To Remember:

1. Make more friends

Time spent making friends has a higher happiness ROI than time spent making money.

2. Make your friends happy.

Friends becoming happy increases your chance of happiness by 45%.

3. Introduce friends to friends.

Keeping the network happy protects you against “infection” by unhappiness.

Read more:

Karma can never "work for you."  It is a misunderstanding of Karma. 

Karma is the experience of suffering caused by picking and choosing, attraction and aversion. What you would perceive as creating positive happiness by being with happy and avoiding unhappy means you are creating the karmic traces of suffering by both grasping at happy and aversion to unhappy. 

Karma is the duality of happy and unhappy. 

All karma is suffering.  

This is one of the most important concepts to understand.  

So when he recommends to choose making more friends, that is what sets the experience into motion.

Yes, karma is the law of cause and effect of suffering. 

The cause is having a friend or not friend.  Or enemy or not enemy. 

If I have friend there are expectations of what friend means.  Even if I do not have enemy, my friend has enemy, is that person now my enemy.  Do I go to war to protect my friend?  

Enemy is a cause for suffering/war but so is friend.  

To end Karma is to not have friends or enemies.  To make no distinctions. 

If I am suffering and going through a bad time, what kind of friend ignores me because I am contagious? 

If I don't suffer I don't need friends.  If I need friends the more I suffer.  They can't all be there for me, how many is enough. 

To be free you have to be free from happiness and suffering. You have to be complete with nothing but your own mind. 

All of the research that this makes me happy and how to be happy and make others happy and meditate to be happy or healthy to be happy all delusion. 

Nothing makes me happy, there is no happy, I cannot make others happy, I can't always be meditating or healthy.  

Our job is the truth, not making people feel good by feeding delusion. 

Life is suffering. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

To make the most of our lives, we do not run away from suffering. We embrace it.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness IS the way.

Why do so many of us grow up believing that suffering is unnatural?

Selling something.  Truer words do not exist. 

Embrace everything until you find a space that is nothing but sound light and rays.  Primordial nothing. 

You have to quit buying and selling happy and suffering 

Buy/sell food clothes shelter....we take emotion out of it things get much less expensive.  

Geege, we tell the dying it will be fine. You will be in a better place, loved ones, maybe God. Then a year or two later if you led a well intended life, you end up where you started saying WTF?

It the same place, who are these people?  I have no functional ability there is no God present as I can see and I don't remember a damn thing. 

If you understand, you die with clear mind and direct a rebirth so that those that helped you live and die can do it again with you. My son and soon to be daughter hear and feel that safety of truth from the beginning.  They live with the masters their entire life if they choose. 

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