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From Battlefield to Mass Effect: How one engine is shaping the future of EA Games

From Battlefield to Mass Effect How one engine is shaping the future of EA Games


Around this time, the EA Games label -- made up of internal non-sports developers -- had 11 different engines powering its games, and with each release, it became clearer that this fragmented ecosystem wasn't feasible anymore.

"Frank Gibeau (now-EVP of EA Mobile), myself and others said that this has to stop; this has to get a unified platform because it's too expensive and inefficient for everyone to be operating off of different engines," Patrick Soderlund, EVP of EA Studios told us.

Instead of strong-arming developers into using the engine with a company-wide mandate, Soderlund wanted to take a different route. "We'll produce great games on it, games that look good and we think are developed in the proper way, and then hopefully if people will want to use it, they're going to come and ask for it," he said.

That's exactly what happened. BioWare reached out to EA about using the engine for the next games in its Dragon Age and Mass Effect role-playing franchises. Next came Ghost Games, which developed the latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise,Need for Speed Rivals. More developers followed. There are now more than a dozen Frostbite-powered games in the works, ranging from a new Mirror's Edge to the nextStar Wars: Battlefront and a slew of unannounced projects. With the staggering progress that DICE made with Frostbite 3, it's easy to see why it was more or less handpicked to power EA's next-gen titles. "[Frostbite 3] is a total package when it comes to being not only a Battlefield engine, but [also] a game engine," Bach said.

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When I read about all the great games EA has cooking, and this platform they worked so hard to put together, I can't help but think how hard it is to survive in the gaming industry.

Maybe Im weird but the Frostbite Engine has always felt stiff to me.

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