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Hubris, thy name is 'Scroogled' ...


Hubris, thy name is 'Scroogled'

Microsoft breathes new heat into Scroogled, its anti-Google campaign, with a line of products that burn Google for treating your data the same way Microsoft does. Not surprisingly, Google has fired back.

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Google, for its part, didn't let Microsoft's accusations faze it. "Microsoft's latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space really is heating up," a Google spokesperson told CNET.

Sour Grapes, thy name is Microsoft.

Where do Microsoft and Google compete besides Bing vs Google and a Windows Phone vs Android?

Chrome and a Internet Explorer make no money.

Does Microsoft consider Google's alternative to Office to be competitive?

I'd say it's part of the Bing/Google war.

"Internet information firm comScore reported 67.5 percent of U.S. search engine traffic went through Google in February. Microsoft sites, including Bing, got 16.7 percent of the market share, followed by Yahoo sites, with 11.6 percent of search traffic. Ask Network and AOL also are comparatively small players in the search sector.

That translates to about 12.3 billion of the nations 18.3 billion searches in February going through Google, and about 3 billion being done on Bing and Microsoft sites."

Quintus: People should know when they’re conquered.

Maximus: Would you, Quintus? Would I?

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