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After Six Trips to Middle-earth, J.R.R. Tolkien Will Get His Own Movie - Grantland

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A number of gentlemen will presumably get the opportunity to play Tolkien throughout his life. But what about Old Tolkien, the one Google is most familiar with, smoker of the aforementioned pipe? Initially I'd rule out Ian McKellen, since he's so iconic as Gandalf, but what if Gandalf was Tolkien's own surrogate in the stories? What if Gandalf issupposed to be like Tolkien?! Or what if it doesn't even matter and McKellen is great for everything, period? Ooh, while I'm here: What if Patrick Stewart puts on a fat suit and plays C.S. Lewis? We're moving into Best Biopic Ever territory real quickly …

Ian McKelken would be an inspired choice for Old Tolkien.

I do like the thought of Patrick Stewart as CS Lewis.

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