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Olafur Eliasson's Tears Were Used To Make Human Cheese


The cheeses each smell, and taste, of the body odour of the donor, Agapakis said.

"It's no surprise that sometimes cheese odours and body odours are similar," she explained. "But when we started working together we were surprised by how not only do cheese and smelly body parts like feet share similar odour molecules but also have similar microbial populations."

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"American scientist Christina Agapakis and Norwegian scent expert Sissel Tolaas collected bacteria from Obrist's nose, Eliasson's tears and Pollan's belly button and used them to make the artisanal dairy products.

'We are presenting a set of cheeses made using bacteria from the human body,' Agapakis told Dezeen. 'Everybody has a unique and diverse set of bacteria living on their skin that can be amplified using techniques from microbiology and grown directly in milk to form and flavour each cheese.'

The project, called Selfmade, features eleven cheeses in total, made from bacterial cultures harvested from the skin of artists, scientists, anthropologists, and cheese makers using sterile cotton swabs that were sent to the donors."

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