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What is SD4E?

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Students designing their own education? Yes, it's true. In Rhode Island. 24 students are designing their own ideas as to what education should be, and in 24 months, it will come to pass. This is my dream. This is what education should be, and yes, I want in. 

They're putting a call out for investors, fans, and mentors. This is going to be successful, and I wouldn't be surprised if the movement spreads. I hope it does. 

Take a look at this if you love the idea of improving education, and send these guys some support--a kind word or a high-five would be a great start. 

This is a partnership between Youth in Action, the Business Innovation Factory, and 24 of the state's most inspired students. They'll bring the magic. We'll bring the support. 


How do they make sure they're actually learning something worthwhile?

Successful people like you pop in and add a word of encouragement. Give helpful advice. Did you know that RI only graduated 123 (my number might be off by 5 or so) CS grads from our many colleges last year? I think the more successful mentors, advisors, and interested parties that lend a hand in shaping these ideas, the better the outcome. 

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