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Teresa Goines of Old Skool Cafe | Maria Shriver - Inspirational Stories from the Architects of Change

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Kind of proud of Old Skool, mostly for the work they do but from Steve Harvey to Diane Sawyer to now Maria Shriver, its kind of awesome when great work gets its acknowledgement. 

Yes, it's excellent.

Sonya, I like the video they link to, too:

This video.... moves me every time!  I feel a sisterly pride as I watch all this unfold. Teresa and I have been friends for 10 years via the internet and the phone. She came to NY last year and we met in person for the first time.. but I have watched and cheered 2000 miles away as this dream has manifested.. still more to go but these moments are awesome to see. 

Does anything like Teresa's work exist in New York?

Yes. There are some awesome youth empowerment models that offer practical training for life.There is cafe in Bed Stuy started by a priest some years ago. I will find the link. 

Great, thank you. Is it a blueprint for many more, like Grameen Bank?

This was my little contribution featuring the video.

This is excellent, Sonya.

I love this picture:

Sonya Denyse: Press Play: Old Skool Café

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