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This Bamboo Scooter Runs On Nothing But Air | Co.Exist

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Air can be used as energy?

Like an electric scooter, the Ecomoto is quiet, doesn’t pump pollution into the atmosphere, and if the air compressor used to fill its tank runs on renewable electricity, doesn’t have much of a carbon footprint.

Darby Bicheno, an Australian design student who created the conceptual scooter for a class, says that an air engine runs directly on the air inside, rather than converting energy from a battery. The whole thing is extremely efficient and lightweight.

Though the scooter is just a concept at this point, the air-powered engine is already in use.EngineAir, an Australian company, invented the engine, and has placed it in small pieces of equipment like forklifts.

The prototype design uses a regular scuba tank for the compressed air. icheno says someone would ideally fill it up on a machine at a scuba store or a hospital, but any air compressor would work--the others are just likely to be noisier and less efficient. Eventually, Bicheno says, regular gas stations could easily be used to provide compressed air instead of fossil fuels. Without testing, it’s not clear how far it could go on a tank of air, though it would likely work well for short errands in the city.