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SOPA is bad news for startups, too

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SOPA is the subject of a hearing today. This act, if passed, will have a chilling effect on all Internet-based companies. Please read up on it, and call your representative.

More info here:

I find it interesting that big mature tech companies, who are much better at playing politics than Google and other more recent empires, all seem happy to let their BSA talk for them in favor of SOPA.

Apple, Microsoft, Dell and Intel have embraced the internet and acted warmer and fuzzier of late, but they are at their hearts not internet companies. They did OK without it, and they'd do just fine if it became less like the internet we know now and more like cable TV.

The Internet becoming more like cable TV is a chilling thought.

I'd much rather live in a future where the Internet breaks the cable companies and the phone companies, and anyone can access anything for a reasonable price.

If you told me ten years ago how much I'd pay monthly for cell / data, Internet, and TV, I'd have never believed it.

Something's gotta give.

It is hard for mere mortals to understand the motivation behind this act.

I too petitioned to stop it:

Total calls yesterday: 87,834.


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