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Print Instagram Photos on Marshmallows

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Turn your memories into magical morsels.Scrumptious. Squishy. Shareable.Instagram lets you share your memories, but Boomf makes sharing even sweeter. And squidgier. If Willy Wonka and Proust had a brainstorm, we reckon they'd have drawn some Boomfs on a napkin. Maybe.

Confectionery for the digital age.Ever wish the internet was more... lickable, pokeable, sniffable? Boomfs transform your photos into multi-sensory delicacies. Tiny pillows of fluffy, gooey, vanilla-scented yumminess.

Eat your friends / lovers / enemies!Boomf makes anything edible. Sunsets, kittens, Macchu Picchu, your Auntie Barbara. Devour your mates one by one after dinner, turn your selfies into a romantic gift for your significant other, or roast your ex over a bonfire. Yum!

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