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Where the white folks live... in the Bay Area. From the Radical Cartography blog


download:Race (2200x3000, 3.8 MB)Poverty (2200x3000, 3.3 MB)Child Poverty (2200x3000, 3.2 MB)Education (2200x3000, 3.3 MB)

A continuation of the race and income maps I made for Chicago, this time for a nonprofit in the Bay Area. As with Chicago, using dots shows demographic transitions between neighborhoods and cities much more clearly than solid colors ever can.

But with the Bay Area — with its contrast between the sparsely inhabited hills and the dense coasts — avoiding the standard solid-color choropleth map is even more important. Using the same graphics for hills and coasts would give a very distorted idea of how race and poverty are distributed. Instead of a few poor areas floating in a solid-color sea of prosperity, here the relative geographic balance between rich and poor is much more obvious.

Note again, though, that race is only is only a rough predictor of other demographic characteristics. Much more salient is the close relationship between poverty and education. 

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There is a lot of pink on the peninsula.

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