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5 Ways To Get Good Bacteria In Your Stomach

5 Ways To Get Good Bacteria In Your Stomach Business Insider


1. Eat pre-biotic foods

2. Drink Green Juice

3. Cut out processed foods

4. Limit antibiotics

5. Get your probiotics

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Just eat like your great grandparents did:

1. Eat raw and un-pasteurized foods, like un-homgeneized milk, butter and cream

2. Eat fermented and cultured foods, like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and all lacto-fermented vegetables

3. Eat raw and uncooked whole animal fats and proteins, like carpaccio, tartare and sashimi

4. Eat raw vegetables from unfertilized (using human waste) and farms using non-industrial, organic natural methods and practices (i.e. smaller family run farms)

5. Fast (water only) periodically to allow your micro-flora colonies to become more vital and robust (i.e. the weaker strains die off).

6. Hang out with healthy people (good micro flora communities are commensal and mutualist) and get a dog (healthy microflora colonies are often shared and spread between people through dogs--go figure)

7. Don't worry about the details and just let your probiotic colonies arise naturally

8. Really, just relax.  There's no need to pop naturopath pills or billion microflora powders

9. Unless of course that's your bag, man.

Where can one purchase un-homogenized milk, butter, and cream?

Also, do billion microflora powders have any benefit?

Raw milk in CA:

While I'm asking, what is green juice?

There are thousands of bacterial strains, and while we don't know enough about all these organisms yet, greens appear to help improve the diversity of healthy organisms in the gut. Plus, research shows that the greater the diversity, the greater the health benefits.

So, just pulvarized vegetables and fruits?

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