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Auburn last play vs Alabama in Iron Bowl 2013

Iron Bowl 2013 last play gif Auburn Alabama Imgur

I have never seen anything like this before.

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But 2013... Extraordinary. 100 yard return on a missed field goal attempt? Really??

After Adam Griffith missed a 57-yeard field goal, Auburn's Chris Davis returned it 100 yards to hand the Crimson Tide their first loss of 2013. Amazing!!

Auburn last play 2013 Alabama gif Iron Bowl Imgur

Craziest. Ending. Ever!

Ohio State now has a shot at the BCS championship.

Ohio State Buckeye middle finger gif Imgur

This is not the first year the Auburn Alabama game had a great ending.

Look at the 2008 Iron Bowl:

The whole game was spectacular, the catching up and back and forth AND the fact that this was the #1 and #4 ranked teams ... all from the SEC too.  

There's the NFL, the SEC and then the NCAA... simply amazing game.

Amazing game that illustrates that you need BOTH luck and to capitalize on that opportunity:

Truly an incredible sporting event. For anyone less familiar with the history of the Iron Bowl or with how unbelievably seriously people in the South(east) take their college football, I highly recommend checking out the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on the history of the Alabama vs Auburn rivalry. A great piece of filmmaking and will give an entirely new perspective on the magnitude of that insane ending.

This is amazing, Jonathan. 

So if Alabama just fell on the ball instead of attempting a field goal, the game would have gone into OT instead right?

They really should not have argued to put one second back on the clock. OT after the previous play would have been better!

Correct, Adam. It's all part of what made for an epic, once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. 

So we will never see another game like that again?! I wish I had appreciated it more...

GIF: Auburn Upsets Alabama With One Of The Most Improbable Endings You Will Ever See - Business Insider - PandaWhale

Yes, once in a lifetime. The chances were precisely 0.007%:

The SEC is simply amazing!  Better entertainment and drama than the pros...

Next year Alabama will want some payback but for now they are shut out of the SEC title game?!

Avery Young from Auburn is still reacting to their victory.

auburn alabama OMG gif oh my god football player avery young 56 smile Imgur

This is pretty good, including the reaction from the one guy in front.

I love that front guy's reaction!

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