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‘The Pete Holmes Show,’ Late Nights on TBS -

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“She ended it, but I was at fault,” he said. “That’s right. Just another late-night monologue in which the host analyzes the role he played in the decay of his own marriage.”

“The Pete Holmes Show,” which started last month on TBS, is not the first late-night talk show led by a comedian with a podcast, but it’s the first one infused with a podcast sensibility: confessional, chummy, intimate and self-aware, but with an earnest streak.

At the same time, this subtly ambitious show is far more structured and kinetic than its host’s popular podcast, “You Made It Weird,” which features probing, patient conversations between comedians and Mr. Holmes, 34, that often run two hours. His TBS series, by contrast, has the feel of an energetic bull session, a restless and freewheeling half-hour crammed with comic ideas. Its components (sketch, stand-up, remote video and scripted bits) are traditional, but the way they are put together shakes the dust off the stodgy genre.

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