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DuckTales invented a new animated wonderlan d— that quickly disappeared · The A.V. Club

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Kevin Johnson, an animation blogger who writes at the site Total Media Bridge, has been revisiting DuckTales recently, and what most amazes him is the show’s surprisingly complex characterization. In Johnson’s view, the show lets Scrooge pursue money so he can be the wealthiest duck in the world, but simultaneously, he genuinely cares about the young nephews who kick off many of the series’ adventures. Scrooge’s trust in the boys is implicit, and at the center of the series is a sense that any of the dangers—from multiple genres—that are thrown at the team will be defeated by the ducks’ ingenuity. This is a series about adults and kids relating to each other, but remaining adults and kids, instead of trying to play at each other’s levels. 

It’s a breath of fresh air in an animation world that, Johnson says, now frequently tells stories about kids stranded in a world of mean adults. (Johnson also singles out Scrooge’s nemesis, Flintheart Glomgold, as worthy of praise. On many shows, he’d be an uncomplicated villain; onDuckTales, he and Scrooge share many of the same qualities, and it’s always clear that Scrooge is the “hero” only because he’s the protagonist.)

Scrooge is Don Draper. Scrooge is Walter White.

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